The Mad Hatters features many types of entertainment. Our BALLOON SCULPTURES are not your one balloon dog or sword but rather a creation involving numerous balloons, such as rainbows, wacky hats, man on a motorcycle, shark hats, superheroes, penquin, mermaids, butterflies and whatever your imagination creates. The show of creating these sculptures creates entertainment for your party.

We do FACE AND ARM PAINTING that features artists that have worked for the premiere of movies such as 102 Dalmations, Shrek 2 and Happy Feet. Our artists use all FDA paints from Snazaroo, Krylon ,and Mehron. Our glitters are all cosmetic grade and safe for face and skin. Our artists do not just paint hearts or a flower on a check but rather they can turn your child into a princess, tiger or superhero. Most designs can be full face but cheek and arm painting is never a problem if the child wants it. All designs are embellished with glitter and gems, sparkle paint and metallic colors. All paint is removable with water and a washcloth.

For the younger child we suggest our face and arm painting with a special technique. Our artists bring "licensed character" stamps that the child is familiar. Seeing a familiar image can gain their trust and interest. Once the stamp is carefully put on their arm with a FDA stamp pad from Snazaroo, the artist continues to talk to the child and enhance the design with paint, more detail and then glitter. As long as the child is trusting the artist will continue. 

The GLITTER TATTOO package is very popuplar as well. All our temporary tattoos are FDA approved and can last from a few days to 2 weeks. All temporary tattoos are removable with rubbing alcohol, baby oil or lotion. Glitter tattoos are perfect entertainment for all types of children's parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Communions, Corporate Events and even Adult parties such as anniversaries and birthdays.

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